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Octuple max

Octuple Max is a unique typographic design that pushes the boundaries of traditional typography. By basing all proportions and measures on multiples of eight, the result is a striking, square typography with a bold contrast between the horizontal and vertical elements. The rounded corners of each character add a touch of softness to the otherwise sharp design.

What is Octuple Max?

Octuple Max is a bold and daring experiment in typography that offers a fresh perspective on what is possible with this timeless art form. It challenges the viewer to rethink their preconceived notions of typography and encourages them to explore the endless possibilities of this fascinating craft.

Octuple Max is an innovative typographic experiment in which every aspect of the characters and metrics is based on multiples of the number eight. This creates unique typography with square proportions, featuring sharp contrasts between the horizontal and vertical elements and rounded corners throughout.

How To Download Octuple Max?

Octuple Max font offers a distinct and bold appearance, making it stand out in any design. With its precise geometric construction, Octuple Max brings a modern and eye-catching aesthetic to your projects.

So, why not explore Octuple Max’s creative possibilities? Its unique design will surely add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your typography!

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