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20 Free Font Download Websites for Designers in 2024

Free Font Download Websites

Today, we’re exploring the top websites for free font downloads to elevate your design projects. But why is typography so crucial? Consider the 2017 Oscars incident when they mistakenly awarded Best Picture to the wrong film.

Typography was at fault for that debacle. As creative strategist Benjamin Bannister notes, a simple change in font and design could have prevented such an embarrassing mistake.

This underscores the importance of having a variety of options when designing. Don’t settle for the same old default fonts. Dare to try something new.

There are numerous places where you can download fantastic fonts for free. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 20 websites for finding free web fonts. Let’s take a look.

If you’re just in search of stylish free fonts, let’s explore the best places to find them!

Things To Consider Before Using Free Fonts

Before you download and start using these free fonts, it’s important to understand the rules. Just because they’re free doesn’t mean you have free rein with them.

Many of the free font sites found online come with restrictions, typically limited licenses allowing only personal use. However, there are websites that offer free fonts with commercial licenses.

Always make sure to check the license for each font you download before using them in your projects.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part: Free fonts!

20 Best Free Font Websites 2024

Best Free Font Websites

Fonts are a vital element in design, shaping the visual identity and communication of any project. Fortunately, there are numerous websites offering a vast array of high-quality fonts for designers to explore, free of charge best font download site

Here, we delve into the 20 best free font websites, providing designers with a comprehensive resource to find the perfect typeface for their projects.

When searching for free fonts, Google Fonts is often the first site that comes to mind. With its extensive library boasting over 800 font families, it offers a wide range of options, including sans serif, handwriting, monospaced, and more.

Google Fonts is a popular choice among web designers due to its fast and reliable font hosting services. However, what many designers may not realize is that the fonts available on Google Fonts are downloadable.

The best part is that all fonts on Google Fonts are open-source, meaning you can use them freely and adapt them to suit your needs.

Google Fonts
Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a trustworthy resource for downloading high-quality free fonts. Many of the fonts available on Font Squirrel come with commercial licenses, making them suitable for various projects. The site also provides a convenient way for users to check the licenses of each font before downloading.

In addition to its extensive font collection, Font Squirrel offers several useful tools. These include a Webfont Generator, which allows you to create your own web fonts, and a Font Identifier that helps you identify and locate fonts based on images.

FontSpace boasts an extensive collection of over 32,000 free fonts created by over 2,100 designers. With a community of more than 746,000 members, FontSpace offers a wide range of fonts for personal projects.

When browsing FontSpace, you can easily check the license for each font by hovering over it. As a registered member, you have the option to create a personal favorites collection for quick access to your preferred fonts. Additionally, you can connect with designers and even make donations to support their work.

MyFonts.com stands out as one of the largest font marketplaces globally, providing an extensive range of professional fonts for diverse projects. MyFonts.com offers an extensive collection of over 270,000 fonts, catering to the diverse needs of both individual designers and large enterprises.This diverse collection encompasses everything from brush fonts to display fonts, ensuring users have access to a comprehensive range of typographic styles.

In addition to its premium offerings, MyFonts.com also offers a wide selection of completely free fonts. This makes it an excellent resource for designers and creatives seeking to explore different typographic styles without incurring any costs.


DaFont is a well-known platform for accessing best font sites free. While many of the fonts on the site are for personal use only, there are also plenty available with commercial licenses.

One notable feature of DaFont is its category system, which allows users to browse fonts based on various themes. Whether you’re looking for horror-themed fonts, video game fonts, or Valentine-themed fonts, DaFont offers an easy way to find the perfect font for your project.

Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts offers a carefully selected collection of top-notch fonts. Many of these fonts are free for both personal and commercial use, but it’s important to review the license terms before downloading.

The site’s category system makes browsing for fonts a breeze. With visually organized categories, you can quickly discover fonts tailored to various themes and styles.


Behance isn’t primarily a font platform; it’s more of a social network for designers to showcase their portfolios and exchange ideas. However, many designers share free content on Behance, including fonts.

A simple search on Behance reveals a vast selection of free fonts that you can download at no cost. One advantage of finding fonts on Behance is that they often boast unique designs and are less common compared to fonts found on other platforms.


Behance isn’t primarily a font platform; it’s more of a social network for designers to showcase their portfolios and exchange ideas. However, many designers share free content on Behance, including fonts.

A simple search on Behance reveals a vast selection of free fonts that you can download at no cost. One advantage of finding fonts on Behance is that they often boast unique designs and are less common compared to fonts found on other platforms.

1001 Fonts

Don’t be misled by the name. Despite being called 1001 Fonts, this site actually offers over 9,000 fonts. It boasts a frequently updated selection of top-quality fonts, many of which are suitable for commercial use.

On 1001 Fonts, you can easily browse through fonts based on style, size, and even weight, allowing you to quickly discover fonts that perfectly complement your design projects.

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts is an excellent resource for free fonts. Each font on the site has its own detailed page, showcasing all its characters. You can even test drive the fonts before downloading them.

Browse fonts based on various themes and create an account to save your favorite fonts for later use.


FontSpring is a leading marketplace for premium font families. While it primarily offers premium fonts, FontSpring also provides a selection of free fonts from these families for use in your projects. Each font page includes detailed information about the font licenses, ensuring you understand how you can use them.


Befonts hosts an extensive collection of free fonts crafted by professional designers worldwide. However, most of the fonts on the site are free samples of premium fonts, offering limited font weights and for personal use only. Despite this, the high-quality fonts are worth exploring for non-commercial projects.

Pixel Surplus is a treasure trove of freebies, offering PowerPoint templates, textures, vector graphics, and more. Among its offerings is a collection of premium-quality free fonts.

What sets this site apart is that many of the fonts are licensed for commercial use, making them ideal for freelancers and designers on a budget.

Graphic Design Freebies is a hub for various free resources, offering a wide array of freebies. Among its offerings is a section dedicated to free fonts, featuring hundreds of stylish and modern options. The collection includes script, serif, brush, and more.

While most fonts are for personal use only, there are also a few available for commercial projects.

Awwwards is a popular platform among web designers, renowned for its wealth of design inspiration and showcases. It also offers a collection of awwwards free fonts, featuring some of the most unique and uncommon options available.

Most of the fonts in this collection are free for personal use, although there are also commercial-use fonts available. With several hundred free fonts to choose from, you’ll find options that stand out from the rest.


Fontsly is a reliable source for free fonts, offering a diverse collection of various font styles. Whether you need a clean sans-serif or a stylish gothic font, Fontsly has plenty of options to choose from.

While most fonts on the site are free for personal use, there are also commercial-use fonts available.

Fancy Fonts offers a vast library of free fonts, organized into multiple categories for easy navigation. Whether you need fonts for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms, you’ll find them here.

While most fonts on Fancy Fonts are free for personal use, you can also find some commercially licensed fonts if you search thoroughly.

Fancy Fonts

Fotesk is a fantastic resource for discovering free fonts for various projects, offering over 4,000 fonts across different categories and design styles.

One standout feature of this site is its ability to filter fonts based on license types. If you’re searching for a free font for commercial use, simply check the appropriate license box, select a category, and start your search with just a few clicks.


Creative Fabrica offers a vast collection of free fonts, with over 3800 options to choose from. You can easily browse these fonts by different categories. To download the fonts, you’ll need to register a free account on the site.

While the website states that all freebies are available under a commercial license, it doesn’t provide specific details on usage rights. For clarity on font licenses, it’s advisable to reach out to the website directly before using them in client projects.

Creative Fabrica

Freepik is a popular platform for vector design resources and templates. Recently, the marketplace has added fonts to its collection, expanding its offerings.

You can find hundreds of free fonts on Freepik, available for download in TrueType and OpenType formats. Many of these fonts are suitable for commercial use, provided you attribute the author.


Graphbox offers a small but carefully curated collection of free fonts. Despite its size, the collection includes some useful and creative fonts suitable for various DIY designs and small personal projects.

To access fonts and other resources on this site, you need to register for a free account. Keep in mind that free accounts have a download limit, allowing only 2 downloads per day. Therefore, choose your fonts wisely.


Fontfabric is primarily a marketplace for premium fonts of high quality. However, many of these fonts are available for free download and can be used in personal projects.

The marketplace offers a diverse collection of premium-quality fonts, providing users with a wide range of options. One notable feature is its attractive preview mode, which allows you to preview fonts before downloading them.

To download fonts from Fontfabric, simply enter your email address, and the site will send you the free font along with its license agreement.


Unblast is a well-known platform for accessing free design resources. It offers a vast collection of mockups, templates, graphics, and fonts, all available for free download.

In Unblast’s font collection, you’ll find a variety of typefaces with different styles. You can easily filter them to find the specific fonts you need for your projects. Each font comes with its own dedicated page, providing detailed information and preview images to help you make your selection.


TypeType is a user-friendly website offering a wide selection of fonts for download. It presents a straightforward list of fonts along with customizable previews, allowing you to visualize how they appear in various sizes and arrangements.

You’ll find a diverse range of fonts on this site, and the majority of them are free for both personal and commercial use.


Fontshare is a standout platform offering free font downloads. Its highly customizable previews allow users to test each font before downloading, ensuring the perfect fit for their projects. Additionally, Fontshare provides a section dedicated to helping users find ideal font pairs.

With a vast collection of fonts, Fontshare is primarily geared towards personal projects.


With over 14,000 free fonts available, All Free Fonts offers a vast selection to suit any project.

All Free Fonts is a comprehensive website offering a wide range of free fonts. From comic fonts to Arabic, alien, and logo fonts, it covers various categories. Additionally, it provides a selection of commercial fonts.

All Free Fonts

Key Takeaways:

In conclusion, the world of free fonts is vast and diverse, with numerous websites offering a plethora of options for designers and creatives. From Google Fonts to Font Squirrel, FontSpace to MyFonts.com, there are countless resources available for finding the perfect font for any project.

Whether you’re looking for professional fonts for commercial use or stylish fonts for personal projects, these websites have you covered. Many of them offer easy-to-use search features, extensive collections of fonts in various styles, and convenient categorization to help you find exactly what you need.

Furthermore, these platforms often provide additional tools and resources to enhance your font exploration experience. From font generators to font identification tools, they offer everything you need to elevate your design projects.

Overall, with the wealth of options available on these 20 best free font websites, designers and creatives have the freedom and flexibility to experiment, innovate, and create stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice designer, these websites are invaluable resources for finding the perfect fonts to bring your creative visions to life.


FAQ about Free Font Websites:

1.Are free fonts safe to use for commercial projects?

Yes, many free font websites offer fonts that are licensed for commercial use. However, it's essential to carefully review the licensing terms of each font to ensure compliance with usage rights.

2.Can I modify free fonts to suit my project's needs?

It depends on the font's license. Some free fonts allow modification for personal or commercial use, while others have restrictions on alterations. Always check the font license for specific usage permissions.

3.How do I install free fonts on my computer?

Most free font websites provide instructions on how to download and install fonts on various operating systems. Typically, fonts can be installed by downloading the font files and copying them to the system's font directory or using font management software.

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